Time-Synchronization Search Tool

The Time-Synchronization Search Tool (TSST) is a tool that has been created to facilitate the use of the methodology developed in the doctoral thesis called "Methodology for implementation of Synchronization Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks". This tool is divides into three sections: administration, user and associated tools.

Administrator TSST

The Administrator TSST (aTSST) allows experts to quickly and easily enter new time-synchronization strategies into the database. In this way, every protocol found in the database is available in the uTSST.


The User TSST (uTSST) is where the end-user enters their requirements seeking to find a synchronization strategy that suits their needs. This is the form that abstracts the end-user from the details of the strategies, which as a general rule improves the decision time to choose a synchronization strategy.


In the section of associated tools we can find several types of calculators that help the user in the calculation and conversions related to clock sources.